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Project: BASTION

Bastion is a tabletop roguelike card game where players take on the role of a company of scavengers that explore the depths of an alien ocean in order to retrieve parts and pieces from spaceships that have crashed during a past conflict in the stars. To realize my vision, I designed more than 100 cards, 4 exploration boards, 1 playing mat, 20+ circle tokens, 24 power tokens, and a tabletop board game box.
Using A.I. Illustrations for this project doubled down on the idea that the player is exploring an alien world filled with weird and uncanny looking creatures. It was an interesting challenge to design mechanics and lore for creatures that were manifesting themselves in front of my eyes through the magic of A.I. Art, it however also taught me about the limits of this artform and how it should only be used sparingly, and only when justifiable like when trying to illustrate the contents of a fictitious ocean hidden among the stars.