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Project: Interscape

Interscape is an attempt to "fix" the issues relating to salt and toxic aggressivity in Magic The Gathering Commander format and challenge preexisting conventions in the trading card game genre.

Through my experience of playing Commander Magic, I (or at least my playgroup) have realized that the aspect of the game that leaves a sour taste is always a direct result of being ganged up on by other players and subsequently eliminated from the game. In addition, the length of games can be very tiresome, especially when a player is not having a particularly interactive game.

Interscape aims to fix those negative experiences by having a game that lasts only 10 turns and where players cannot be permanently eliminated, only slowed down, allowing for a much pleasant game experience where anybody can make a comeback at any time.

The artwork were achieved using a combination of Midjourney and photoshop. This form of illustrations goes hand in hand with the main theme of the game: digital consumption, and I believe that there is a pleasant poetry in having an AI art generator illustrate what softwares and computer commands would look like.